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At Van Linda Iron Works, you will find we are versatile and we work with projects of all shapes and sizes. Below, you will find access to some projects that are currently underway. You will also see some of our most recently completed projects, which contain a brief description and pictures that illustrate the scopes of work that we are capable of producing.

Current Projects

Here, you will see some of the more complex projects we are currently working on. Click on each individual project to see information and pictures.

General contractors and sub-contractors may access and download project-specific items pertaining to them by clicking on the project and then the appropriate link.

Please note: If you require access to a specific project link, but do not have the necessary access password, contact your Van Linda Iron Works Project Manager to request it.

  • Herbert Hoover Dike Rehab S276 & S277

    This project is for the United States Army Corps of Engineers and it includes demolition of existing culverts 3 and 4A, reconstruction of new structures S-276 (C-4A) and S-277 (C-3), including cut-off walls at both culvert locations, placement of new cast-in-place reinforced concrete headwalls, foundations, and water control structures with gates and control systems.

Completed Projects

In this section, you will find an array of projects of all types and sizes completed at Van Linda Iron Works. As you will see, there is no project too large or too small for us to tackle.

  • Pratt & Whitney - 2016

    This project was an exhaust liner for Pratt & Whitney. It was fabricated, delivered, and installed early this year.

  • MWI - 2014

    This project was fabricated and delivered to MWI in 2014.

  • Tire Kingdom - 2004

    All structural steel fabrication and erection of the structure was performed by Van Linda Iron Works, Inc.

  • Wellington Library - 2006

    The Wellington Library being erected. All structural steel was fabricated by Van Linda Iron Works.

  • Belcan - 2013

    This custom structure was fabricated and erected for Belcan in 2013.

  • Lincoln Volvo - 2007

    This is a structural steel project we fabricated and erected for Lincoln Volvo in 2007.

  • Palm House - 2010

    This structural steel project was fabricated and erected for Palm House in 2010.

  • Pratt & Whitney - 2015

    This structure was fabricated and erected for Pratt & Whitney on July 2015. As you can see, we deliver our finished products with care.

  • South Florida Water Management 2014-2016

    This is a Hoist Lift that was custom fabricated as part of a larger structure for South Florida Water Management.

  • South Florida Water Management - 2013

    This walking platform and staircase was a custom project made for South Florida Water Management.

  • Palm Beach County - 2016

    These stainless steel pipes were just completed. They are a Palm Beach County Project.